Photo credit: AFIDOCS Film Festival

Photo credit: AFIDOCS Film Festival

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend AFIDOCS Film Festival in Silver Spring, MD on behalf of my good friend, Christine St. Vil ( and AT&T.  I was super excited to see the films and report back to you with all the details!  So let’s get into it!


The first film I saw was called, “My Fighting Season.”  It was actually Episode 1 of a 6-part documentary. The series follows US Army Soldiers fighting in Afghanistan from the unique perspective of their own cameras. It’s so compelling. There were some serious moments when I thought my heart would jump out of my chest because you’re literally watching these guys pursue the Taliban. Sheesh. What was equally compelling was hearing the soldiers discuss how much they cared about each other and their willingness to die for the other and for their country. It’s an amazing story about leadership, brotherhood, and service. I was so humbled to see how much these soldiers were willing to sacrifice to secure our freedom. It’s absolutely incredible and definitely a must-see. “My Fighting Season” will air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on AUDIENCE Network. It’s available exclusively to DIRECTV (Ch 239) and AT&T U-verse (Ch 1114) customers.


I attended the Opening Night Gala and premiere of the documentary film, “Zero Days,” shortly after I screened “My Fighting Season.”  The film was extremely gripping, compelling and thought-provoking.

The documentary also gave a serious and detailed look at the impact that the Internet can have on an entire nation when intentions are less than…productive. The director, Alex Gibney, did a phenomenal job at creating a film that would be entertaining, informative and EXTREMELY chilling. I might have exhaled twice during the whole film. I thought I was well informed about the challenges within our world before I saw this film.  But “Zero Days” definitely enhanced my understanding of some serious global issues, especially when it comes to the threat of cyber security. “Our entire power supply can be cut off. Our systems can be taken over. Hospitals deprived of power would cease to function. It’s not a matter of if, it’s when.” – Zero Days

Does that freak you out a bit? Yea, me too.

You can check out the rest of my review of the AFIDOCS Film Festival at, where I talk about two additional films, “Raising Bertie” and “Maya Angelou: Still I Rise.” If you wanna know what could make me cry real tears or question some of the most commonly used terms in our community like, “a woman can’t raise a man” then head right on over! 



I created a new project!


Hey there, beauties and gents!

I hope you’re well!  Can you believe it’s April, already?! Hopefully, you’re well into accomplishing your goals for 2016. The days go by fast, so we must do our best to work smart and play hard!

I’ve been doing just that. As a result, I’ve got some great news! One of my goals at the beginning of the year was to produce a short film I wrote a couple of years ago while pregnant with my baby boy, Josiah.

The title of the film is Meltdown and it’s about a young, new mother who hosts a personal training session, at her best friend’s urging, to jumpstart her weight loss efforts with her girlfriends. But things go terribly and comically wrong. With ice cream and cookies taunting her from every direction, what’s a woman to do to win back her waistline? We shall see…🙂

A good friend of mine, Monique Hazeur, directed the film. We met 7 years ago when she was studying filmmaking as a graduate student at Howard University. Monique is dope. There’s no other way to describe her! She’s a really beautiful, talented young woman that I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with on projects.


We shot the film in February in Maryland and finished post production a few days ago! I’m so thrilled and look forward to sharing the completed project soon.  You can check out the trailer on the website here! We also have a Facebook page with more behind the scenes pictures, videos and updates about the film. I would love it if you would like, engage and share the page with your network. Just click here to check it out!

I’m currently in the process of submitting to film festivals, big and small. If you have a positive experience with festivals that you think I should consider submitting to, please feel free to share!

I created this film because I wanted to participate in the ongoing conversation about body image and fat shaming. Celebrity moms such as Tamera Mowry, Pink, and Chrissy Teigen, have been extremely vocal about how the ongoing, vile and disgraceful comments negatively impact women and their ability to develop and maintain a healthy sense of self-worth. Like them, I find the constant hateful remarks to be shameful! I understand the impact negative comments can have on women who are proud to be givers of life, but struggle to connect to their beauty because they’re struggling to drop the baby weight.  As a response, I created a comedic piece with the message that every woman, especially every mother, is enough—right now.

That’s all for now! When you have a moment, please check out our Facebook page and trailer, leave your comments and share!

Thanks a bunch for your constant cheers, support and love! I really appreciate you!

To dreams fulfilled,


Artists with a Vision



Hi Beauties and Gents!

I’m so excited to announce that I’m hosting my first vision board party for artists on Saturday, January 16, 2016 in New York City at Ripley Grier Studios! We’re going to discuss your big dreams and practical, immediate next steps that you can take to begin implementing them. When we’re done breaking it all down, you’ll leave with a vision and a solid action plan for your artistic career and personal life. The best is yet to come! Let’s go higher in 2016!

My main purpose for creating this event was to offer my fellow artists and dream makers a safe space to share their goals and discuss challenges, action steps and ideas with like-minded people. Creating a successful career in the arts can seem very daunting. There are so many paths to take to build the career and life you desire. Together, we’ll figure it out and help you plan your road to success.

Additionally, I created the vision board party to dispel the myth that artists are flaky. We can be.🙂 But at our core, we are catalysts for change and hope. Our stories, songs and ideas must be shared.

It’s time to really go for it and figure out how we’re going to make it happen! So if you’re ready to go higher, you can purchase your ticket by clicking here: There are only 30 seats available, so get your tickets now! Can’t wait to see you!




African-American (30s) office worker


Hey beauties and gents!

Did you catch my episode of ‘Nightmare Next Door’ on Discovery ID last week?  The episode is called ‘Murder in Omaha.”  If you haven’t seen it yet, but intend to, then you might not want to read any further as there are definitely some spoilers! I don’t want to ruin it for you if you really wanna see it. If you want to view the episode, you can check it out on Amazon. Just click here! But if you’ve already tuned in, then you’ll have a great time reading some cool stories about what went on behind the scenes!

How did you book the role? I was in the lobby of the production office waiting to be seen for another audition. The casting assistant saw me and remembered me from another audition that I did for her a month prior. She had emailed me to tell me that I was at the top of the Producer’s list, but that they decided to go with someone else.  It was cool. That’s all a part of the game. But when she saw me, she remembered me and said that she had the perfect role for me for an upcoming show and to come with her to audition. The actual audition was all improv, which I think is always a lot of fun because I don’t have to think about the script, I just play.

Did the storyline effect you? If so, how? Yes. The storyline was pretty heavy.  The way in which she was killed was really devastating. It’s so unfortunate because she was so young when she died. The murder seemed so unnecessary and a life was lost because her boyfriend was overcome with jealousy.  But those details helped to inform me since my character, Tanya, knew Pasinetta because she dated her brother, Patrick. So for Tanya, there’s a little bit of conflict because she is saddened to learn about the murder and wants to help, but she’s also committed to protecting her brother, who she doesn’t believe killed Pasinetta.

How did you prepare for your role?  I prepared for this role a little differently than how I usually do.  Usually, I read my script several times just to get a general understanding of who the characters are and what’s going on in the story. After I feel like I have a good grasp on that, then I really dig in and work through the script, beat by beat as I work to figure out my character’s significance and intentions within the story. However, this show is primarily done with the actors doing improvisation.  Therefore, I had to quickly consider the character’s needs and conflict, and respond authentically to the other actor(s) in the scene with me. I really enjoyed the process.

What did you enjoy most about working on this show?  The cast and crew! They’re always the highlight of any production.  This story was so heavy. So it was nice to be surrounded by warm, fun and friendly folks when the director yells, “Cut!”

Latasha Kennedy & Tyrell James

Latasha Kennedy & Tyrell James

When I first walked on set, I saw Tyrell James, a childhood friend that I hadn’t seen in years! We immediately recognized each other and started catching up.  We had a great time working together.  He played my brother, Nathan. I couldn’t have planned that any better.🙂

Pry’ce James (Patrick) and I  had HILARIOUS conversations about our kids.  It’s great to connect with other parents so you don’t feel like you’re the only one with crazy kids who make others think that YOU’RE crazy!  So that was fun.  We also had to shoot a couple of scenes at a hotel on the night of the NBA finals.  Pry’ce and I both really wanted to see the game.  My oldest son and husband had gotten me totally invested in Stephen Curry’s story and the Golden Warriors. So I was really pressed to see  the game, which was an absolute first for me. Pry’ce and I basically stood directly in front of the television while talking trash in between taping our scenes.  Members of the crew watched here and there, but we were so into it. The only thing we were really missing was chicken wings! LOL!

Cast of 'Nightmare Next Door' L to R: Tyrell James, Syrea Brown, Latasha Kennedy, Pry'ce Jaymes

Cast of ‘Nightmare Next Door’ L to R: Tyrell James, Syrea Brown, Latasha Kennedy, Pry’ce Jaymes

And I have to mention my new boo, Syrea Brown (Pasinetta). She and I hit it off immediately! She’s just a really beautiful person, inside and out. We’re meeting up later this month to catch up and just hang out a bit. I really love her energy!

What’s next?   During the summer I shot an episode of a new crime show on TV One called, ‘For My Man’.  The show sheds light on the outrageous and shocking stories of women who have been arrested for a crime they committed in the name of love.  I play Chakkira Wonnum, a troubled young woman who makes a series of bad choices due to her relationship with an overbearing man.  It’s a compelling story of how a young woman with potential could’ve had a different outcome. Unfortunately,  she was unable to triumph over the circumstances.  The episode premieres on Monday, September 14th at 10 p.m. ET.

5 Lessons Every Actor Can Learn From Apple’s Brand Strategy


Hey beauties and gents!

I just got this really cool email from branding guru, Nikki Clark.   She has worked with some of the worlds biggest brands like Nike, Levis, Nokia & IBM.  She’s awesome and shares a wealth of knowledge from her website,, about branding and marketing. You should definitely check her out if branding and marketing is your jam!

The email she sent included a video that Apple created to explain their branding strategy. True to the Apple brand, the video was short (only 90 seconds) and the content was easy to grasp.  Check it out.

I really enjoyed watching this video because I believe that is totally relevant to actors and our process of building successful and profitable careers.   Below are (5) solid takeaways that I believe are applicable to the actor.

  1. Take time to consider what you want.  Apple’s statement is “If everyone is busy, no one can perfect anything.” How true that is! As an actor, there really isn’t any roadmap that one can follow that leads to success, or even the next gig sometimes. Unlike other professionals such as doctors and dentists, the actor’s journey is not dictated, yet it must be carefully crafted with the combination of talent, business savvy, and a daily dose of courage. However, the feeling of constantly going in circles can quickly cause an actor to pump the brakes and reconsider their chances of truly being a successful, working actor. So I charge you my fellow actors, before you submit for another casting or send out another postcard, I want you to consider what you want, what you really want.  What genre of the industry are you committed to working in?  Do you want to work in film, television or commercials? What type of team do want to secure?  Write it down. Commit to getting it done.  Work towards it. Even the actor needs a solid action plan to follow to ensure that goals are achieved.
  2. The success of your acting career is contingent upon your ability to focus. What Apple says in the video is true: “Designing something requires focus.” As actors, we MUST focus on whatever we’re trying to accomplish. We can’t check in once in awhile, and then wonder why we’re not getting the results we expect. The acting career that you want to design requires focus. We have to constantly be asking ourselves how we can do better, achieve more, and even enjoy the success that we’ve already attained.  We have to be consistent, diligent, and conscious of distractions.  So that means that if you want to work in commercials, then you must focus on the action steps that are required to book commercials. Do you have a great commercial rep? Have you taken any commercial classes with notable teachers to solidify your knowledge of the craft? When the class is available are you going to put money down on the class or waste it at the bar? I’m just sayin, folks! It’s absolutely possible to book the commercial, but you have to have a laser beam focus on the goal in order to accomplish it.
  3. How do you want people to feel? That question was a major “ah-ha” for me.  I totally believe that Apple asks that question.  I was absolutely mesmerized by the packaging when I purchased my first iPhone.  I felt like I was receiving a gift, rather than just another cell phone.  I also felt like Apple really cared about the impression they made on me, which made me extremely—delighted.🙂  As actors, we have to ask the same question.  We have customers to consider as well. Casting directors, our fellow colleagues, our team, our teachers, our audience are all our customers. How do we want them to feel? For me, I want to leave people feeling inspired. I want people to feel like I’m a total bad-ass at my craft and completely unstoppable. I want to make people feel like they are respected, loved, adored, heard and cherished after being in my presence. So whenever I audition, I smile, work courageously, and say, “thank you.” I, at least, do that—every.single.time. For me, I don’t solely focus on booking the role. Instead, I’m always walking in a room with the intention to book the whole damn room.
  4. Be intentional about the career you design. If you take Apple’s advice, and craft around intention, you have to accept that everyone will not be a fan of your work. It’s true. As much as I love how Apple products simplify and streamline my life, Apple is not everyone’s first choice; and they’re ok with that. They design the product for the customers that love them, and that seems to working out just fine for Apple—and their bottom line. As it relates to actors, the perspective should not be any different. We’re not going to be every casting director, producer, or filmmaker’s first choice or choice at all.  But there are many areas where we are an absolute perfect fit. As a result, it’s our job to figure out what areas of the industry we serve best, and then get busy crafting our careers in those select areas. For some of us, sitcoms, stand-up or sketch comedy is our jam.  For others, we rock out best in procedural dramas and dark, mysterious films.  Does that mean that we can never crossover to other genres and totally rock out? Of course not! But it does mean that today we must be intentional about where we build so that we can establish the credibility needed to expand in other areas.
  5. Accept that you will get a thousand no’s for every yes. Well there’s no paraphrasing needed here beauties and gents. This is a simple life lesson that we all must embrace. Regardless of what your life’s work is, you will hear “no” more than you hear “yes”.  But if you’re not defined by rejection and if you can continue to persevere in your process, then you’ll more than likely exceed your goals. As actors we hear no so many times. We can’t always determine why we didn’t book the role. So we ask questions like,  “Was I too tall? Too short? Did I totally misinterpret the script or adjustment? Was my laugh too loud?”  It could have been any number of reasons. Unfortunately, there’s just no way to know why you didn’t get the gig.  So, the only thing you can do is keep going, keep showing up, and keep rocking out because eventually you will get a “yes”.

I hope you found these takeaways helpful. Did you discover any lessons from the video that you think can be applied to the actor’s career? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Go be great!



Oh! Watch Me, Watch Me!

Photo: Discovery ID

Photo: Discovery ID

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to watch me whip and nae nae! But I would love for you to tune into the Discovery ID channel TONIGHT at 9pm to watch me on the docu-crime series, “Nightmare Next Door.” I booked a supporting role on that show, and I’d love your support! I won’t give away anything about the story. But check back next week for my post featuring fun, behind the scenes tea!  So make sure you subscribe to my blog, so that you don’t miss the juicy details!🙂

Love you much!